Monday, June 15, 2015

Worlds Best New Live Music Videos iPad Productions

Worlds Best New Live Music Videos iPad Productions

Making New Live Music Videos with multiple iPads and iPhones to handcraft cinematic effects and synced audio and video engineering with the best new music making apps available!

Worlds Best New Live Music Videos iPad Productions & Video SEO and best iPad Videos.

By: The Online Engineer & The Mobile Musician 

The best new music videos solo produced on multiple iPads and iPhones, in order to match up the audio and video tracks.  The result is a fun, live new iPad music video production, that you filmed and engineered by yourself, and you could have been anywhere, even without power......

The Millennial Generation is creating a new hybrid, video/music artist that is capable of marketing him or herself online with music and video and make it visible to phrases such as "best new live iPad music video artist", so that if you're in charlottesivlle virginia looking for the best new live music, you can go to the conveinence of your iPhone or iPad and You Tube will have all of your best new local artists' newest iPad multi-camera angle music video productions for all to enjoy online. 

 Helping the solo artist market themselves online on the first page of google searches that identify with their musical niche talent and song type!

  Live new music artists, featuring all of your local cities talent, both live musical performances and Online Music Video Super Star iPad mobile music.

Simple and easy to create by yourself, Video recordings and productions with the best new music making apps and best new tutorials and how to son beatmaking and recording audio into GarageBand, while simultaneously recording multiple recording angles. 

 If that's not enough THEN you can Bluetooth the multiple camera angles, one at a time, into one iPad and mix up you music video on the spot with synced audio and videos files that you mixed down the audio with and panned it right and left with maybe a little compressor effect.....

any way the point is that you made a mobile music video live production all on your own, with great quality engineer audio (although this track has a waterfall noise in the background and is a terrible example of good engineered audio, but non the less, an amazing mobile music video production, made possible by the best new music making apps for the iPad, GarageBand and beatmaker2 and iMovie and the best search engine optimization! 

And if you were good enough you can then upload that video and make it visible on the front page when people search from their city for best new live music videos that way giving yourself the best independent artist music marketing opportunity online by doing all of the video and audio engineering and producing and then putting it on the front page 2 key search is and and saying "have fun, be creative and use your imagination"

Friday, June 12, 2015

Best New Live Music Videos Online Marketing Social Media Video SEO

The Nest New iPad production music studio & multi-camera angle experiences, with the iPad and iPhone GarageBame

The only way to market yourself as a new aspiring musician or artist is to market yourself online through YouTube and Vimeo another video engines and learn as much as you can about video blogs and search engine optimization.

Make no mistake about it the wave of the future is the millennial marketer and the mobile media experience with iPads and iPhones crafting clever video blogging and well engineered search visibility engineering and optimizing video for all search engines to be able to market yourself anywhere anytime with your phone.

Join the mobile music mission in the multi-camera angle iPad total music video experience as it goes mobile anywhere and everywhere showing you how to do crisp recordings at any level that you want to spend the time doing with your mobile devices tablets iPhones garage band and the best beat maker musicmaking apps available.